My Boots

I have always had a strange connection with my boots that no one else seems to understand. I bought my Raichles ( back in 1994 or 1995 a few months before a trip to the Big Horns in Wyoming. From day one they fit better then any shoe or boot I have ever worn. I think I paid somewhere between $300-$400 for them. Since then they have been to 4 continents and gone with me climbing, skydiving, bungee jumping, hanggliding, canyoning, and of course hiking. If you look at the other pages on my website you will see them often.

After 10 years of use and covering thousands of miles of trails, the soles were finally wearing thin. I was concerned and new I needed to repair them but I also wanted to make sure they were done right by someone that understands how important these boots are to me. After some searching I found Dave Page in Seattle (no website, 1-800-252-1229). For $87 he replaced the sole, replaced the midsole, and shipped them back to me. He did a better job than I could have even imagined. He even treated the leather on my boots. His turn around time was awesome. I sent them out just before Thanksgiving 2004 and got them back just before Christmas 2004. I knew I wasn't doing any hiking during that time.

Here are some before and after pictures. Thanks to Dave I expect to get 10-15 more years out of my boots and hopefully be able to resole them again so they last me a lifetime.