Hang Gliding

Every year since I started working at Quest Software backin 1999, I have organized the Quest Extreme Challenge (not a Quest sponsored event). The first year we had 9 people and went skydiving at Lake Perris. The second year we did the same thing but only had 4 people. This year we decided to do something different and went Hang Gliding. We only had 3 people, but it was still a great time. Ray did a lot of the ground work this year to get things lined up.

Here are Ray and I getting ready to take the long ride to the top of the mountain in the van behind us.

I left my camera on the ground with Ray Sr. and he took some great pictures of us once we got close enough. We lauched from the mountain in the background of this picture. It is about 2000' above the landing strip. This is a picture of Ray coming in for a landing.

Here's Ray giving the sign that the landing went OK. No thumbs lost.

Do you think he had a good time?

This is me on the left and Matt on the right coming in for a landing.

Getting Closer.

Touchdown, no problem. I guess a few of the observers were impressed with our wheeled landing.

Here's the Geek of the Week picture winner. I think I should wear a green vest more often, don't you.

Safe on the ground, here are Ray and I again.

Here I am with Matt.

And here is Fred who Ray flew with.

Tino also went but he flew in the morning. Ray talked to him breifly before he had to go but I missed him so we don't have any pictures.

I will be getting some pictures taken by Matt while in flight. As soon as I get those, I will update this page.

Special Thanks to Chris at Windsports who made this possible.

September 11 UPDATE

Here is a picture from the wing of me flying the hangglider.