Sugar Loaf

When we were in college, we started climbing. Since the college we went to was in the Mississippi River valley, there were actually some places to climb. The local crag in our case was a rock referred to as Sugar Loaf. Sugar Loaf is basically a big chunk of rock left from strip mining. It is made completly out of loose sandstone that falls apart in your hand. Sorry I don't have any pictures but it is really not worth it. It sits ontop of the bluffs overlooking the town. The locals actually have it lit up at night.
We spent alot of time up here and climbed just about every possible route there is. Since Sugar Loaf is roughly 60 feet tall, we could top rope it and not have to worry about placing pro in crap.
Though Sugar Loaf really isn't a climbing destination, Shane, Todd, myself, and a few other friends learned to climb here and refined some of our skills like lead climber rescue. I used to go up to Sugar Loaf year round to boulder, though it would be very cold in the Winter.
Other activities we did at Sugar Loaf included mountain biking, hiking, and jumping off cliffs into trees.


Update 2002, here is a pictures of Sugar Loaf.