Vertical Endeavors

Once you start climbing and get hooked on it, you need to climb. When you live in Minnesota, it is hard to rock climb in the winter, not so much that the rock isn't available, your hands just get so cold you can't hold on anymore.
After our first experiences with Outdoor Pursuits, we needed to climb. We found this AWESOME gym called Vertical Endeavors. It is owned by Nicros or has a strong affiliation with them. They are a Minnesota based company which I thought was cool since Minnesota is not exactly a climber mecca.
I have been to multiple gyms in several states and this is still the best I have ever been to. I don't know if it is just because it was my first or because it is just such a good gym.
Dirctions - From the 94 or the W, exit on Mound, follow it to 7th and take a right. Then follow the directions below.
From the 94 E, you can exit on 7th or 6th. 6th is probably easier. If you exit on 6th, take a left on Mounds and then a right on 7th.
Follow 7th, turn left on Forest, go over the the bridge and take the left directly after the bridge. It looks like a back alley or driveway. You will be going between two factories. Follow it past the the factories and it opens to a parking lot. VE is on the end of the parking lot. You should probably look at a map if you are not familiar with St. Paul. The exits come quick and you can miss them easily.