Mt. Woodson - March 25, 2001

Bob and I met up with Michael Dong and his friend Yvonne to check out the K2 boulder. It was misting and cloudy which made for an exciting approach.

Bob and Michael both led the route on the right. I cleaned it twice. It goes mostly free except for a few placements, arrows and angles will work. Bob placed a Z in one spot. Make sure to bring some big cams for the top. Bob and Michael each placed Camalot 3 - 4.5s in the top crack. It gets wider the further up you go. I marked the anchors in green.

The route on the right is an A3 route which someone was solo aiding when we were up there.

While Michael was leading the route, Bob decided to put up a new route. Currently it is named "Climbers in the Mist" due to the weather. It will be hook, rivet, bolt, hook, rivet, bolt on about 100 ft of near vertical rock. Should be fun. Currently only the first 4 placements are there. Only 20 more to go.

Here are various pictures from the day. You can tell the weather got better as the day went on.

This is actually part of the approach. Its a giant crack in a rock. This is a view down from the top. You literally have to take your pack off and hold it over your head while you pass through.

Here's Bob beginning the new route "Climbers in the Mist".

Here is Yvonne belaying for Michael.

Here's the group relaxing a bit while I clean the route the first time.

Here is a picture of Michael. If you see him, stop and say hi.

Finally the aftermath of a day on the rock. Can you locate the gear that belongs to 4 different people in this picture?