Mt. Woodson - July 9, 2000

Dave, my regular climbing partner, has been hard to get ahold of lately so I went online to meet some new people. I hooked up with Bob, an Aid climber. We went to Mt. Woodson on Sunday July 9th and did some A1 climbing. It was great. I had done some aid before, but it had been on pitches I could free so there wasn't a huge challenge there. We set up 2 fixed lines on two different routes and had at it. The first route I did, which is the one to the right in this picture is a 5.12 free route. I will be lucky if I can ever free 5.12.

This route follows a well defined crack to the top with a short stop in a bowl a little past half way.

Here I am on that route:

The second route, the one on the left, is unclimbable without aid. The first half of the climb starts with alternating bolt placements and drilled holes, so bring your bathooks. This was the first time I really ever used a bathook. I enjoyed climbing this way. Once you reach the same level as the bowl, there is a crack to the left which accepts cams.

We also did some jumaring while we were there. I only got in 2 climbs but there were fun. I use a 4 aider, 2 daisy chain method for aid. Bob uses daisy chains from Yates which I am going to check into. They have a camming device as opposed to loops. This allows for quick and precise equalization. Definitly worth the money.

After we were done with the climbs, we hiked to the top of Mt. Woodson. Bob pointed out several routes along the way. Looks like I will need to buy a hammer. Here is a picture from near the top of Mt. Woodson with Bob in it.