Mt. Woodson - October 29, 2000

Earlier in the week I learned Bob was moving to Nevada in a few weeks so we hooked up for one last trip to Woodson before the move. I picked him up about 6:40 and we headed down to Woodson. We headed straight for "Lie Detecter". I led and cleaned. Bob jumared a few times in between.

Here I am on a cam hook as the first move.

Here I am topping out.

Finally, here I am starting back up to clean.


Pretty uneventful trip. I had fun though, it is always nice to get out. We were back to the car by 11:45 and we headed to Nomad's and the North Face outlet. Hopefully I will be able to meet up with Bob and Michael in Yosemite in September. I am going to try to get some pictures of them on El Cap.