Mt. Woodson - October 29, 2000

Originally I was going to climb San Jacinto on Friday October 27th but the weather was bad so I gave Bob a call. The forecast didn't look promising for Woodson either but we decided to give it a go on Sunday. We lucked out. The weather was great all day. We started out on "Lie Detector". First I led and Bob cleaned, then Bob led and I cleaned. It is a nice crack that just sucks up gear. Here is a picture of Bob on lead:

After running up Lie Detector twice, we headed up the hill. I have no idea what the name of the climb is, I just know it was fairly close to the top on the right side of the road. It is a slightly overhanging crack in the middle of a boulder about 10 or 20 feet off the road. Bob led it pounding in several pieces along the way. I have never driven a pin in yet and needed some experience. Bob nailed it without to much of an effort. Since I don't have a hammer, I waited for him to rap down and then I cleaned the route. Nailing a route doesn't seem as overwhelming now. I think next time I will have to give it a try. Hopefully I will get a nice Black Diamond hammer for Christmas this year (hint hint). Here are some picture of Bob near the top of the route.

I don't know if we descended in the right direction, we ended up right in a tree. After a fight with the tree, we both made it out ok and headed home.